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Moonville, OH ~ Cemetery & Tunnel

Deep in the mountain-like region of Southeastern Ohio, there’s the abandoned town of Moonville. Finding Moonville online was easy, finding it in real life was much more difficult. We set our GPS, and followed it up and down hills, around mountains, through forests, on dirt road and paved roads, not seeing another car for a … Continue reading »

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Mallet Town, AR ~ Abandoned Houses

While driving through Arkansas, we did an internet search to see where there might be any ghost towns near our route and found the listing for Mallettown (spelled as one word, or as “Malletown” or as “Mallet Town”, depending on which sign or website you look at). We set our phone GPS towards the location … Continue reading »

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Cuervo, New Mexico ~ Ghost Town

Out in the open along a major highway is one of the last places you’d expect to find a ghost town. But that’s exactly where you’ll find the little abandoned town of Cuervo New Mexico.   We couldn’t believe it as we drove down I-40 (Route 66) and saw a series of abandoned buildings, all … Continue reading »

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