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About Us

This is us…



Nicole likes old things and old places, but also loves her cell phone and Netflix.  As terrifying as entering an empty building is, she still loves to get in there and try to figure out the history of the place while pretending she’s Nancy Drew — who lived there, what did they do, why did they leave?  Equally fun and terrifying is the prospect of seeing a ghost or finding Sasquatch.  Nicole is not a photographer but likes to pretend to be one, and thinks that lens flare is awesome.


and Louie:


Louie is a cool guy who does a lot of cool things, including exploring abandoned buildings.  He is an experienced artist and graphic designer, two things which lend themselves to taking fantastic photos of the sites he visits (and also navigating his way through the process of creating a great website).  An Eagle Scout, Louie is prepared for anything and a fearless leader into scary dark empty places.